The London Pension Fund Authority (LPFA) had secured a space within the London Fire Brigade existing building. They approached us asking for a number of test-fit plans, using existing workstations versus new plus a combination of the two. Independent property and cost consultants Robinson Low Francis (RLF) provided advice on the property itself. Whilst we produced a series of Workplace Effectiveness review reports. This Qualitative & Quantitative approach provided insights that helped to inform the final design of the space.

LPFA worked with RLF who focused on the data gathering and benchmarking of LPFA current workplace we concentrated on shaping their new space around the culture of the companies needs and brand. Together we were able to provide LPFA with a number of scenarios and a recommendation to the type and scale of a new workplace.  

Burtt-Jones & Brewer then focussed on the refurbishment of the existing environment, using the understanding it had gained from the reports and talking with members of LPFA. The end result, we feel Greg’s testimonial says it all…


  • Spatial utilisation appraisal
  • Building and workstation analysis
  • Utilisation of new and existing London Fire Brigade workstations 
  • 10,000 sq ft
  • LPFA branding of existing London Fire Brigade environment
  • Worked in conjunction with Robinson Low Francis 

Photography credit to Nick Miners