Burtt-Jones & Brewer began over a cup of coffee in 2008. This year, we celebrate turning ten years old!

A decade of design, development and delivery - from Moorgate to Milan, banks to brand agencies, lawyers to lottery operators, insurers to investors, the Bank of England to The Treasury. All of this would never have happened without determined, supportive clients, friendly, faithful suppliers and our fabulous, loyal and highly creative Burtt-Jones & Brewer team.

But enough about us. We are now looking to help others, for free! How so?

The offer

The team here at Burtt-Jones & Brewer would like to offer a charity the gift of time, to see how we can help you enhance your workplace. The chosen charity will have the opportunity to work with us and have ten thousand pounds worth of our time to spend, aka £10K for ten years.

You may be a Charity looking to...

  • Improve collaboration within your organisation

  • Increase productivity

  • Run a series of workshops to be aware of working in different ways

  • Learn about Biophilic design and how this can address issues like mental health and improve wellbeing in the workplace

There might be something else we can help with; after all we’re about making all kinds of workplaces work.

From the outset the plan is to work with you to co-write a brief and find the right solution. Our aim is to establish how to best spend our time with you to ensure you get the most out of the £10K.


To give something back. To do the right thing. The chosen charity won’t be a personal decision as we are all at some point in our lives in need of the amazing work that charities undertake. You could make us laugh, cry or just be very honest in your response to us.

You will be

A small to medium sized charity with 40+ FT staff.

Located within Greater London and on the London underground or overland network.

Willing to explore new working habits and be a little bit brave.

Happy for BJ&B to potentially share the work we are undertaking and the outputs more broadly through blogs and social media.

If interested

To nominate your charity for this opportunity please flag your interest ensuring you use the hashtag #10kforten when responding via either twitter, Linkedin or both!

Please express your interest in this great opportunity by 29.11.18 via twitter or LinkedIn by tagging @honestdesign and using the #10kforten