Why Burtt-Jones & Brewer? We make a stand against one size fits all.
Each project for us is unique.

Here’s how we do things differently:

  • Being independent means we don’t come with a fixed fit-out team. Instead, we have access to the best, trusted contractors and suppliers to suit your project and your budget.

  • We only recommend a design when the brief has been scrutinised and the research and thinking stages have been completed.

  • We are committed to successful outcomes. We’ll never just tell you what you want to hear. It means we reduce risk by properly engaging with you on the ‘early-stage’ phases of projects.

Our story

  • Our vision is for longer term, better value. Timeless design that lasts the distance and matches your business brand and culture -
    now and for the future.

  • Our clients relish being challenged and guided by fresh,
    innovative ideas. It’s a journey to rethink design that we take together.

Burtt-Jones & Brewer began over a coffee. A beverage that founders Adam (Burtt-Jones) and Steve (Brewer) are very particular about. Much like our design solutions. We believe that when design is placed at the heart of all decisions it will, and does, transform workspaces for the better.

Over the years we have developed a well-researched journey in workplace design, that’s strategic and proven to make your workspace work. Unexplored routes still excite us, yet we've also a proven track record in well-trodden routes that continue to deliver again, and again, amazing outcomes.

Co-founders Adam and Steve


Adam has 20 years’ experience as an expert guide in the route less travelled.

Delivering commercial interior design for all kinds of organisations, nationally and internationally, Adam’s a passionate believer in design as a force of great change and inspiration.

Skilled across all disciplines of interior design and workspace, from feasibility and strategy to conceptual development and design risk analysis. Adam has extensive experience managing a team of designers and working closely with clients and contractors to achieve long-term, successful outcomes.

Working globally, Adam approaches projects with a commercial and functional bias. He’s made workplaces work for a wide range of businesses, notably, Camelot Group, Bradford and Bingley, Specialized Bikes, Culpeper, BBC, The Coventry Building Society, SEB, Whittard Teas, and Emap.

A member of the Chartered Society of Designers, Adam has a Ba(Hons) Interior Architecture & Design. And rumour has it he also cuts a mean shape when he competes in amateur motor-sports.



Steve has designed spaces for some of the world’s largest and best known companies. From Multimap.com, Yahoo!, the Bank of England and Her Majesty’s Treasury.  His passion lies in achieving solutions that reflect the values and ethics of a business while also satisfying the needs and desires of the people that interact within this space.

His twenty years’ experience has seen him challenging how space can be structurally changed and re-organised, and where internal, physical barriers can be altered to enhance the environment. As the workplace keeps evolving, Steve’s expertise encompasses change management and the role of consultants, project managers and workplace psychologists.

A BSc (Hons) in Industrial Design, Steve’s believes that creativity shouldn’t cost the Earth; neither should the products we buy, or the environments we design. 

If that’s not enough, he also volunteers for the charity Whizz-Kidz and the Forestry Commission and is partial to a bit of racing on one of his bikes or running in the woods, while juggling his wife & one (two) of his children (not literally).


Our people

What truly sets Burtt-Jones & Brewer apart – is our people. As Burtt-Jones & Brewer grows, we attract more excellent guides to lead you on your unique workplace adventure. A hive of brilliant minds for you to tap into. A team of creative souls who are all on the same mission: to continue to deliver outstanding results.

Let’s introduce you to our team of brilliant minds...


Brilliant minds and creative souls
- our people are what makes us unique -

Working alongside Adam and Steve are a team of interior experts who all share the Burtt-Jones Brewer passion:
for every new space to reflect an organisation’s brand values and needs in every way.


Along with the team, the very nature and structure of our own business allows us the freedom to collide with some of the best creative minds in the industry from acousticians, artwork consultants, lighting and corporate brand consultants through to psychologists and other unique suppliers.