Here’s where the magic starts to happen.

After an initial consultation, we create a tailored ‘Design Recommendations’ Proposal which clearly outlines the next steps required. A bespoke package, all scaled to suit your unique needs.

Combining industry leading software with old fashioned sketches, we generate the look and feel of your new space. Exploring layouts in 2D and 3D, we use finishes and textures to build your new world. Our design team live and breathe the latest trends, styles and technologies, yet the final design of your space will be strategically formed by your real business needs and employee requirements. That’s business and performance led, not stylistically biased.

Vision - Creating an overall inspiring vision for the project outcome

Interior design - Where art meets science.  Our goal is to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing workplace

Branding - Demonstrating how your brand and company culture can come to life within a three-dimensional way.  Even going as far as writing your company Interior Brand Guidelines

Way-finding & signage - Looking at semiotics and the less is more approach

Lighting design - To ensure your general office lighting meets building regulations  to key feature and bespoke lighting

Furniture design - Reviewing what furniture is already available is fit for purpose  to bespoke items such as reception desks, broker-bars and facility benches

Visual displays - Looking to establish the best means of how to communicate to your staff throughout the new environment