With design as our compass, we go on a journey with you. An adventure that starts with a lot of listening.

Fortune favours the brave. We challenge traditional thinking. Guiding our clients along a path of discovery, often into uncharted territory. Sharing new ideas, we inspire you to rethink design. To maximise the performance of your organisation.

The fact we’re fully independent is very important to us. It means we have unbiased, full access to the market, referring you to trusted suppliers and contractors. We’re independent in our approach too – no cookie cutter designs for us, we tailor every job to suit your specific needs.

“The CEO of the Group with over 30,000 staff, visiting for the first time, immediately hailed (London) as the best SEB office in all of the 22 countries in which the group is present.”
Hector Gorter Head of Real Estate, SEB UK.


Right now, we’re busy making workplaces work for all kinds of market leading businesses. From the City of London, via Bristol and Birmingham, to Milan.

Our process of design and the way we work is aligned to the RIBA architectural work stages.

And we agree, pictures can speak louder than words. So if you have a moment, take a look at some of the workplaces benefiting from the
Burtt-Jones Brewer approach.