Specialized bikes are one of the leading, most innovative bike companies in the world. And they were after an exceptional interior solution at their HQ office in Chessington, one that would exceed their enviable market position. The brief was demanding but full of opportunity. With the need to house over 120 bikes, a 60 person meeting suite and strong emphasis on big creative ideas.

Walking through the entrance doors, five glass panels are lined up at angles at the entrance, with bikes invisibly supported in front of full height feature graphics, creating a dynamic introduction. The walkway then curves, slowly revealing the showroom, enticing the visitor in. A central podium is fixed in the middle of the showroom space, with a plasma presentation screen, allowing a full width view of all the bikes and views back into the new workshops. 

Specialized might produce some of the most sexiest bikes in the world but they now have a showroom that truly shows them off in all their glory.