Welcome to Free Range Workspaces… Rethink ways of working and place people at the heart.

Outcome from the workshop. Designers and clients to become comfortable with uncertainty, improvisation and collaboration.

So often the very people occupying the workplace are not involved in the process of shaping it and at worst totally forgotten. We strongly argue that when you place people’s working needs at the heart of all design decisions and strategically align these against the practicalities and aspirations of your organisation’s values and goals. Only then will your working environment truly reflect the desires of everyone.  Be it in or out of the office itself.

Fortune favours the brave and we relish working with clients who understand the immense value design and collaboration can bring to improving the working lives of their people.

But where and how do you start?  Does the designer hold a magic wand and have all the answers or do designers need to develop to take advantage of the power of uncertainty?  hould we agree with everything the client request without challenging them; design and build it without asking questions?

The core message of the ‘Free Range Workspace’ experience is to draw attention to the reality of design work in the 21st century which will increasingly require both clients and designers to be comfortable with uncertainty, improvisation and collaboration. The experience aims to highlight the nature of complexity and the limits of individual insights, and will look to demonstrate how you respond to working without control or a fixed hierarchy.


Come and experience it for yourself at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week at the Brewhouse Yard - Davison Highley - 2pm on May 24th.              

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