There's never a dull moment at BJ&B HQ. Last month we hope you grabbed your copy of The Times and pulled out the feature long feature on The Future Workplace, by Raconteur, if not, you can download it for free. It's loaded with a seriously sumptuous collection of interesting articles that delve into topics like:

  • Offices with a new look have a different meaning
  • Gazing into future UK office spaces
  • Robots with iPads for remote staff
  • Self-employment is on the up and up

And we were delighted to respond with comment when journalist Karen Higginbottom interviewed our Co-Founder Steve Brewer asking what his thoughts were on Traditional Office or flexible workspace? Here's just a brief extract:

The emergence of tech startups has influenced other companies to offer their staff choice and flexibility in how they work, comments Steve Brewer, partner at workplace design consultancy Burtt-Jones & Brewer. "We've seen that filtering down in other sectors, but I think it's more to do with technology and the demands that people place on it rather than tech startups."

And if being quoted in The Times isn't enough we've been asked to talk at Clerkenwell Design Week 24th - 26th May where we'll be offering the first public experience of what a Free Range Workspace is all about. At Clerkenwell Design Week we will explore how letting go of certainty, increasing doubt and adopting a Beginner Mindset transforms the role of the designer and turns the relationship between designer and client into a unique opportunity for authentic insight.

We cannot hope to explore every aspect of this concept within a single, 45 minute workshop. What we hope is that just by experiencing the transformative power of purposeful uncertainty, you will feel more able to engage with a new and exciting concept of what it means to design.

The Free Range Workspace event will be a focused, guided exercise designed to explore the power of Beginner Mind in the designer-client relationship. How can removing assumptions and questioning what we think we know alter the dynamic? What does it really feel like to be truly skeptical of your own experience and what skills, both practical and affective, do designers need to develop to take advantage of the power of uncertainty?

Co-founders Adam and Steve will be collaborating with coach and Chief Propagandist Aran Rees from Sabre Tooth Panda to run the workshop. We look forward to seeing you there!