In Elisa’s own words, we’ll let her tell you her story behind these stunning works of art.

“My latest abstract series Neuro-rehabilitation began during a very complicated chapter of my life, while towards the end of my last pregnancy I was diagnosed with a serious spinal problem that made me lose my mobility for a long time. All the left side of my body is weaker than the right side, doctors told me that this happens because my right side, the one that belongs to creativity, is dominant compared to the left one, centre of rationality.

I have tried various types of rehabilitation but none of them worked properly. So I started this new project, as an essential part of my neuro-rehabilitation, that permits me to stimulate both the cerebral hemispheres in order to recover my damaged nervous functions, using both my right and left to do what I love the most in life. Painting.

My art raises from the interest toward the alchemies in the use of different materials, in a process of constant experimenting: chalk, glue, acrylic colours, enamels, spray paints, oils, resins, mixed with water, alcohol, turpentine essence, essential oils. 

From the assembly of the wooden frame, canvas, wood, glues, recycled plastic, plexiglass, resins, the cascade of colours and materials, I let my instinct drive the choice of shapes as well as the chromatic and material combinations.

Painting became not just my privileged medium of artistic expression, but also a neuro-cognitive therapy method. In my experience, painting is also the most powerful form of meditation, that allows me to manage the pain, accept it and transform it in source of inspiration, channelling it and colouring it, until the crucial point when I turn it into positive energy, into art.

The passion for photography runs parallel to my devoted love for painting. Photography in my experience is a wonderful way of taking notes, letting the light write for me.”

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